Friday, December 12, 2014

In the studio again

I still really like the studio. It also freaks me out. All the lights and the lights and don't forget the lights. And a background or five.

The Studio is still a strange place but I'm getting more comfortable around it. It very much helps to just sit down and follow Heidi. She knows what to to, explains it all to me and also gives practical examples. Such as ergonomically favorable photographing positions:

NOTE! Picture NOT photoshopped!

Heidi went into the studio last week and I took the opportunity to go with her, as an assistant and BTS-photographer (Behind The Scenes, good way to get started on documentary photography) but also shooting myself. Milla acted as model and Minna did the make-up and hair for Heidi's shot. So, of course I used the occasion to my favor. As my grandmother used to say: "Man får vara glömsk men inte dum" (~ you are allowed to be forgetful, but not stupid), a very fine motto in my opinion. So, taking advantage of the make-up and the lighting that Heidi had used for her shot, I did this:


I think I got that one about right.

I'm still nervous in the studio and instructing an unfamiliar model is challenging for me. Being 40+ I do have some sort of reputation to uphold, I can't just ask any stupid question in front of young girls like that, can I? So, I'm continuously developing my faking skills. (Just wondering how to get that somewhat discretely into my CV...) It's pretty easy, I just listen to Heidi and talk like her. "Lean forward", "Lift your cheek" and "Turn your head to your right" and stuff like that. And every now and then I ask for more light or less light or a light to be moved. It works! People actually think I know what I'm doing. Good one.

I also found a new toy (after three weeks of trying and failing and finally swallowing my pride and asking Heidi to show me again...), the High Pass filter. (Btw got this one right, never thought of this as a Japanese art form. I'm getting there.) I like the effects you can get with this filter. I also discovered that colored film can be used just as well in front of the camera instead of in front of the lights for effects. Had to try:


This time with Iida as model.

I like photographing and photoshopping. It does me good, my mind is in balance. Photographing makes me pretty normal, like too many other people I nowadays have no time for exercise, have irregular eating habits and gain weight from chocolate. Pretty good after having spent about 40 years being so abnormal that there are diagnoses (plural) for that. Excellent therapy!

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